July 2015 Kate Sharpley Library Bulletin online

KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library No. 82-83, July 2015 [Double issue] has just been posted on our site.
The PDF is up at: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/vmcx14

An Appeal to the Young: Some thoughts on a best seller by Barry Pateman: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/47d8wf
Two American anarchist newspapers online: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/q2bx7t
La Nueve – 24 August 1944. The Spanish Republicans who liberated Paris by Evelyn Mesquida [Book review]: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/s4mxrf
Death of Eduardo Escot Bocanegra, Andalusian libertarian shipped to the Nazi Camp in Mauthausen by Ángel del Rio: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/2fr053
London Anarchist Bookfair 2015: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/612kp8
Marcelino de la Parra, Anarcho-syndicalist Guerrilla from León by Antonio Téllez Solà: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/dr7v18
Help AK Press & Friends Recover from Fire: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/j9kfh9
Thoughts on local anarchist newspapers in 1980s Britain: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/69p9gj
Colin Parker 1948-2015 by Nick Heath: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/wm39bd
International Anarchist Manifesto on the War [1915]: http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/cjsztv