Wealth of negations, Terms and conditions: Management edition. (Selected highlights)

CONTAGION: (2.) Any danger emanating from the lower orders, be it cholera, strikes, riots, or ideas beyond their station. Seen to have greater rhetorical force than the ‘falling dominoes’ metaphor of the Vietnam War period, but bloodletting is prescribed in either case.

EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY: Backdated proof that ‘failure’ is your own fault.

SACRIFICE: (3.) A rare case of consistent historical usage over centuries and through all stages of secularization. In modern economics as in ancient religious ritual, ‘sacrifice’ implies renunciation of a material interest in favour of an abstraction, which turns out to be a euphemism for an opposed material interest.

WEALTH CREATION: Self-glorifying abracadabra by people who by virtue of owning capital make more of it without reference to those who do the actual work to make this happen, then present it as a contribution to the common good: without them there would be no resources, no necessities ever produced.

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