A Roll-Call of Spanish Anarchists in the French Resistance and Escape Lines


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[update note, October 2023.
Please see the PDF for an updated version of The Roll-Call of Spanish Anarchists in the French Resistance and Escape Lines
Imanol’s work can be found at https://www.elsaltodiario.com/ni-cautivos-ni-desarmados
KSL, Oct. 2023. This page was originally posted July 12, 2021.]

We have always been told that anarchist involvement in the French resistance was very small. Today we are going to help dismantle that fiction.

Hello, readers, here are are again. I have been mulling over for some time whether or not to include a list of male and female libertarians who were part of the French Resistance and the escape lines, as the list would be a long one. In the end I have decided and here I am publishing it, as I reckon there are more and more people looking for mentions of their grandparents or great-grandparents and, with a bit of luck, some may stumble upon the very name they have been searching for.

I have also decided to do so as a bit of a contrarian. It looked as if nearly all of those who took part in the maquis in France must have been communists and that there was only a token presence of anarchists and socialists. I have here a list of 800 names, which I will be released in four instalments (more or less), lest the list go on forever, and which challenges that belief.

These are names that have cropped up during about two years of research. And best of all it turns out that in addition to those 800 names there are at least 2,500 or 3,000 others, but I cannot say how many we will be able to come up with, nor how long it will take us to do so.

Whenever there was any mention made of libertarian participation in the “Resistance”, names from the Libertad Battalion always featured, or names from the L’Aigle dam groups and passing reference made to their involvement in the Ariège department or in the Massif Central. We shall see that the anarchist rank-and-file was active throughout France, whether within the ranks of the Agrupación de Guerrilleros Españoles or in autonomous units outside of the reach of PCE domination, as in the case of a huge range of French resistance units.

And by way of a sample and to gauge the extent of their activity, let it be said that in L’Aveyron, alongside Antonio Téllez, there were another 37 CNT members in the UNE’s 9th Brigade. And 46 CNT personnel operating in the Hautes Pyrénées region in October 1944. That information was provided by Luis Pérez. To take another example: there were 35 CNT members involved in the Inphi group in Nièvre. Maybe more, as there was not one 75-strong group, but two such groups of Spanish libertarians in the Didier Battalion. The first was commanded by J. Montoliu and we have the names of every last one of them. Not so for the second group: allegedly, following threats made by the UNE, about a hundred libertarians from Feixac (Lot department), serving in a GTE (Foreign Labour Group) joined the Didier Battalion under the command of Manuel Barbosa. There is evidence estimating the number of Spanish libertarians in the Pic Violent maquis at 300. According to the Soli published by the ACUN (National Union CNT Agrupación) on 24-9-1944, in the Ariège department alone there were 120 CNT members already on the Spanish side of the border as part of Operation ‘Reconquista de España’. And it was also reported that the number of anarchists with the Xth Brigade in the Basses Pyrénées was 76. In the Lot department, the Koufra maquis group had 30 guerrilleros, 16 of which were Spanish CNT members … and we could go on. But that would take forever, so on to the list proper.



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It is my honest hope that this catalogue of names, can help people in their research or enquiries, or simply ensure that their memory and their actions are not forgotten …

A., Honorato Savoie, Group leader    
ABAD, José Picaussel maquis/ACUN   Dictionnaire  
ABAD GARCÍA, Inocente L’Aigle Dam, Cantal department      
ÁBALOS LARA, Antonio     Dictionnaire  
ABARCAMEZ, Francisco St Malo, Ballots   p6@2  
ABELLA Picaussel maquis/ACUN   p 5@  
ABELLA PI, Joaquín 1st Company, Lot department   FAL Archive DCS01323  
ABELLÁN LÓPEZ, Pedro Cévennes, Ardèche, Gard departments el Churro Dictionnaire  
ADAM BENAVENT, Pedro Marseilles   p7@, p. 213 Ultimo frente  
ADROVER FONT, Pedro   Yayo Dictionnaire  
AGUILERA CARLES, Rafael Compiègne   Los de la sierra  
AGUADO ANDREU, Salvador Escape lines & Ponzán Group   p25@  
AGUADO, Francisco Grenade maquis, Haute Garonne      
ALBA, Pedro Roland group, sergeant, Dordogne   p1140@/Dictionnaire  
ALBALAT RIPOLLÉS, José Ponzán group guide   p36@, p. 213 Ultimo frente, p195 republicanos espanoles  
ALBESA SEGURA, Juan Bautista   Bautista p395 red de evasión  
ALCÁCER, Albert Juan Sara Berenguer’s group   redes de evasión, p57@2  
ALFONSO, Mateo Group leader, Isère   p59@2  
ALFONSO SALINAS, Rafael     p377 ultima gesta  
ALGUACIL PASCUAL, Acensión     Dictionnaire  
ALLENDE SAIZ, Luciano Death Battalion, Savoie Toto p78@2  
ALONSO, Antonio     p56@, p213, ultimo frente  
ALONSO, Ginés Lavelanet, Ariège department   p57@  
ALONSOMEZ, Andrés La Croix Rousse, Lyon   p58@  
ALONSO SALINAS, Rafael     Dictionnaire  
ALPUENTE, José Bidon 5   Dictionnaire  
ALTARRIBE LOPE, Antonio Creuse   https://oscarespagne.wordpress.com/page/1/  
ÁLVAREZ FERRERAS, Félix Cluny maquis, Saône-et-Loire   Arte  
ÁLVAREZ YUSTE, Luis No5 Company, FFI, Anjou, Isère   p214, ultimo frente  
AMAT PICÓN, Luis Marseilles   https://espana36.pagesperso-orange.fr/courrier.avjuin07.html  
AMIR GRUAÑAS, Santiago Escape lines Sheriff p122@2  
AMORÓS CLÚA, José     los de la sierra  
AMORÓS VIDAL, Jaime Toulouse Liberto p129@2  
ANDREU FONTCUBERTA, Joan Castres; Robur Alfred network   los de la sierra  
ANDÚJARPEZ, Martín Montagne noir/ Aude department   BICEL 27p17  
ANGULO MONTOYA, Roque Massif Central   p93@, p213 ultimo frente  
ORO, Eulogio Quérigut area in the Ariège, group leader Maño p96@  
ARAGÜÉS GARCÍA, Jesús Bager d’Arudy maquis, Bearn/ACUN   p97@, p361 ultima gesta  
ARANSAEZ CAICEDO, Julián Ángel Aveyron, L’Aigle dam, Cantal   p213 ultimo frente  
ARAZO GARCÍA, Daniel Montignac, Dordogne   p107@p213 ultimo frente  
ARCAL, Félix Brittany   Josep Ester, republicanos p.692  
ARCAS MOREDA, Miguel Bir Hakeim maquis, Gard, Cévennes, Ardèche Victor Dictionnaire  
ARGUILE GARCÍA, Mariano Ponzán network   p110@, p213 ultimo frente/ Y ahora volved  
ARMESTO SANZ, Cándido Haute Garonne department   Mémoire  
ARNAL MUR, Martín Grupo II, Hautes-Pyrénées   Dictionnaire  
ARMAU, Joan 10th Brigade, Basses Pyrénées, ACUN military secretary Capitán Arnau Angüés  
AROLAS, José Tulle area, Corrèze department   ACUN  
AROLAS SEÑAR, José Escape lines. Later with Sees Orne maquis group   p124@  
ARREDONDO ALMODÓVAR, Ramón L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   https://ofpra.gouv.fr/default/files/atoms/files/publication_espagne_juin-2020_interactif.pdf  
ARRIBAS CALERO, Antonio     xaintries  
ARRIBAS MURILLO, Justo Savoie, Group leader el Maño p127@p272 republicanos españoles  
ARROYO, Andrés Cévennes, Ardèche, ACUN   p127@p213 ultimo frente  
ARROYO FRAILE, Lucio Aude and Ariège departments Tuerto de Teruel p2123 ultimo frente  
ARRUFAT, Juan ACUN   p128@  
ARTEAGA CERÓN, Pantaleón La Vapeur group   p129@  
ARTIGAS, Antonio ACUN   p405 rastro de  
ASENS GIOL, José L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p130@  
ASENS VALERA, José L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Dictionnaire  
ASENCIO, Domingo Lavelanet, 3rd Brigade, Ariège, ACUN   xaintries  
ASENSIO 26th Division, 3rd Brigade, ACUN   ACUN Soli20  
AVELLANA, Mariano 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   ACUN  
AYZA i ZARAGOZA, Carlos Maxime Gorki group? Morvant, Côte d’or, Burgundy   p144@, p19maquis anarquista  
de AZIL, Luis Pédéhourat maquis, Louvie-Juzon   ARC FAL  
BAILÓ MATA, Francisco Lyon   p213 ultimo frente  
BAILÓ MATA, José Lyon   La Vanguardia 13-1-1950  
BALAGUER ALFARO, Vicente L’Aigle dam, Cantal, sergeant   Y ahora volved  
BALDRICH FORNÉ, Joaquím Escape lines Quimet p157@, p213 ultimo frente  
BALLARÍN CANTÓN, Orencio 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   anarcoefe 2/2  
BALLESTA URREA, Casto Limoges area, Massif Central, Haute Vienne and Corrèze departments, group leader   p181@, p18 maquis anarquista  
BALLESTEROS BALLESTERO, Juan Manuel Brittany el Bicicleta p161@, p377ultima gesta  
BALLESTEROS, Valentín 24th Division, 3rd Brigade, Charente Maritime, ACUN   Dictionnaire  
BARBA, Jaime Ebro Section, Glières, Haute Savoie      
BARBERÁ BLANCH, Floreal Ponzán group   p214 ultimo frente  
BARBOA, Domingo Pic Violent maquis in Cantal   p67 Daniel Arasa  
BARBOSA GIRO, Miguel Mauriac, group leader, L’Aigle dam maquis, Didier Battalion in Cantal Manuel p212 ultimo frente  
BARRAGÁN, Gabriel Fumel, Lot department   p212 ultimo frente  
BARON FERRER, Zacarías L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Evidence of Pedro Flores Martínez  
BARONA CASTRO, Florentino Chocolat group, L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
BARRIERAS TIERZ, José La Vapeur group, Savoie   xaintries  
BASELGA CATALÁN, Aquilino 35th Brigade, ACUN Aquiles p188@  
BASERVE ROMÁNS, Juan L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p196@, maquis anarquista  
BASORA ALZAMORA, Isidro     xaintries  
BASSA, Ángel     p197@  
BASTIDA FONTÁN, Ángel Gers   p197@  
BASTIDA FONTÁN, Eugenio Gers   p198@  
BAULO, Ernesto Brittany   p198@  
BAZAL RODRÍGUEZ, Luis Toulouse and Béziers   p118 pdf CIRA  
BECERRA, Antonio Pyrénées Orientales   arcPAT  
BELMONTE, Juan ACUN   p311@2  
BENAIGES, Alejandro Morlaix, Brittany   p319@  
BENAVENTE, Félix     Josep Ester Papers  
BENÍTEZ GRIÑÓ, Salvador   Botones p210@  
BERBEL, Martín Savoie, Group leader   p327@2  
BERENGUER LAOSA, Sara Aude, Ariège, Haute Garonne departments   p332@2  
BERGA ORTAL, Francisco L’Aigle dam, Cantal      
BERGÉS ARDERIU, Manuel     xaintries  
BERGUER, Miguel Tarn-et-Garonne department, ACUN   maquis anarquista  
BERNABEU, Santiago Aude department   ACUN Soli  
BERNAD REBULLIDA, Ángel Poujol-sur-Orb, group leader, Hérault department   Bulletin 103  
BERNADO CALCATO, Amadeo     p220@  
BERROCAL, Agustín Bordeaux   p220@  
BERROCAL MARTÍN, Juliana Bordeaux   link  
BERROCAL PADILLA, Juan ACUN, Bordeaux   link  
BERRUEZO SILVENTE, José L’Aigle dam maquis, Cantal department Clarín PCE Historical Archive  
BIELSA, Antonio 9th Brigade, Hautes Pyrénées, ACUN      
BINIMELIS CASTELL, Gabriel Haute Garonne department   Angüés  
BLASCO , Eusebio Beadry maquis, Sâone-et-Loire department Jacques p228@  
BLESA, Joaquín Antenne maritime, Paris   Josep Ester  
BOIX CORACHÁN, Jaime Captain with the FFI   p239@, p408 republicanos espanoles  
BORALLA , Joan Ariège department ACUN Sevilla Mod p155  
BORAUEZ, Hilario Col de la Marie Blanque maquis, 10th Brigade      
BORRÁS Manini Group, Basses Pyrénées   p131maquis alt ara  
BORRÁS COLOMER, Andrés Libertad Battalion   anar bearn  
BORRÁS CASCAROSA, José Ponzán group   p250@ Bat Libertad 4a  
BORREA, Francisco ACUN   p251@  
BORREGUERO GARCÍA, José L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Luis anexo 7  
BOTEY BADOSA, Francisco Worked with André Arru in Marseilles   xaintrie  
BRETÓS CRISTOFOL, Antonieta Ponzán network   Dictionnaire  
BROTO TRILLO, Agustín     Mémoire  
BRUN, Vicente     p264@  
BRUSAU SANZ, Leonardo     p267@  
BUENO, Ángel Basses Pyrénées/ a Murcian   p528 Angüés  
BUENO DIESTE, José María Vercors   p138 republicanos españoles  
BUENO GIL, Miguel Ponzán group   p270@, p451 Angüés  
BUENO VELA, Alfonsina Ponzán group   p270@  
BUENO VELA, José Ponzán group   p419@2  
BUJÁN CASTIÑEIRAS, Luis     p271@  
BURGUETE TRIÁN, Santiago L’Aigle dam maquis, Didier Battalion, Cantal el Chispa p183 o movemento  
BURRUENCO PORENNA, Joaquín L’Aigle dam maquis, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Dictionnaire  
CABALLÉ, Antonio Alpes, Marseilles   xaintrie  
CABARRÚS CALVO, José 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   p282@  
CABELLUD CARPIO, Joaquín Lot   p19 maquis anarquista  
CABRA MASSANA, Miquel Dordogne   p285@, p16 maquis anarquista  
CALLE GARCÍA, Jaime L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p296@, p17 maquis anarquista, p212 frente ultimo, ACUN  
CALLAU MARTÍ, Mariano     xaintrie  
CALPEREZ, Eduard     anarco efe 1/11  
CALVO, José     p297@  
CALVO CALVO, Pedro Ariège   p298@  
CALVO SAHÚN, Sebastián Escape lines, Hautes Pyrénées   Dictionnaire  
CAMBRA TURIAS, Ramón Arles Mone p300@  
CAMELLO GARCÍA, Ana     p469@2  
CAMPOS CRUZ, Tomás     p304@  
CAMPS, Rosa Escape lines, Bordeaux   p310@  
CANUDAS, José     link  
CAÑETE TARIFA, Antonio Morbihan, Brittany   p321@  
CAÑIZARES, Tomás Gueret, Massif Central   p322@  
CAPARROS, Joan Ponzán and Sabot networks   p323@  
CAPELLAS ESCALE, Jose Robert maquis, Lauren   Angulo  
CARBONELL, Mariano Limoges   p325@ Dictionnaire  
CARDONA VIÑA, Antonio 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   p331@  
CAROD Libertad Battalion   p19 maquis anarquista  
CAROD LERÍN, Saturnino Ponzán network Cuco Archivo FAL DSCO1323  
CARNICER MARÍN, Antonio Chartres      
CARREÑO, Pantaleón 27th Division Villefranche de Périgord, Cantal, ACUN   p336@  
CASADO, Antonio Captain, 35th Brigade Gers, ACUN   Soli  
CASADO BELMONTE, Juan Tours      
CASAFONT BADÍA, Armengol Cantal   p351@  
CASANOVA PRADO, Antonio Paris Manuel Freire p351@, p16 maquis anarquista  
CASARES COLOMER, Amadeo Guide, Ponzán group el Peque p354@, p183 o movemento  
CASAS, Joaquín Loches   p365@, p397 red de evasion  
CASAS TORRENTS, José Viaduct des fades maquis, Riom, ACUN   p355@  
CASILDO ARTEAGA, Pantaleón Savoie   p557@2, Dictionnaire  
CASÍN TOIMIL, Pedro     p359@  
CASTANERA MATEO, Gregorio Ponzán network, Perpignan   p360@  
CASTARLENAS AMELLO, Gregorio Grande Combe, ACUN, 21st Brigade   archivo  
CASTRO GIL, Isidro Dordogne   internet los de la sierra  
CATALÁ BALANYA, Juan Ponzán network   p374@  
CAZADOR CASTELLA, Miguel Chocolat group, L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Ester  
CEBRIA TORNE, Juan     xaintries  
CELADA, Ángel Fumel district, ‘El Maño’ guerrilla band, Lot-et-Garonne   p594@2  
CELMA MARTÍN, Miguel Lozère, Jewish group   p165 republicanos espanoles  
CERRADA SANTOS, Laureano Cerrada group   p383@  
CERVERA, José Villefranche de Périgord, Belves maquis, group leader, Dordogne. He and at least another 56 libertarians would later switch to the Libertad Battalion   p19, 51historia atentado, p387@  
CHACóN PEÑA Bordeaux   p389@, p377 ultima gesta, Bat. Libertad 4a  
CHAMORRO CASTRO, Luis Brittany Carballino archivo FAL DSCO1323  
CHIAPUSO HUALDE, Manuel Bayonne and Toulouse   p391a and p183 o movemento  
CLARET, José Ponzán group Sarramian p400@, Dictionnaire  
CLAUSELL, José Combe d’Ire maquis, Ebro Section Caterre p400@  
CLAVEL, Conrado     Dictionnaire  
CLEMENT MARCO, Manuel Ardèche   p405@  
COLLADO, Jaime Antenne maritime   p414@  
COLOMÉ, Joan     Angulo  
COMA Morlaix, Brittany   p422@  
COMA CASAS, Enrique Head of ‘Combat’ smuggling ring   Josep Ester papers  
COMA CRUELLS, Vicente Angers Paiella p424@ los de la sierra  
COMÍN, José     p622@2  
CONESA, Antonio Bordeaux   p426@  
CONTINENTE, Julián Toulouse   Dictionnaire  
CONTINENTE, Manuel (junior) B Brigade, Lot      
CONTINENTE, Mariano Toulouse   https://espana36.pagesperso-orange.fr/courrier/jamaro7.html  
COR BUISÁN, Juan Montauban   Dictionnaire  
CORNELLA, Caros Enrique Pyrénées Orientales, ACUN   p441@  
CORRAL ALADRO, Leonardo Cantal   Soli  
CORTÉS CUBELES, Soledad Compiègne, Oise   p448@  
CORTÉS LINARES, Emmanuel Laffleche Group, Tarascon, ACUN   mazaleon  
CORTÉS RODRÍGUEZ, José     p452@  
COSTA PUJADES, Félix     p453@  
CRESPO ESCORIVELA, Vicente Chocolat group, L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p713@2  
CRESPO GONZÁLEZ, Francisco Chocolat group, L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
CRIVILLE JUNCOSA, Romualdo     xaintries  
CRUZ ZANNI, Carlos Savoie   p466@  
CUADRADO , Liberto Toulouse   Dictionnaire  
CUBELL IRIARTE, Manuel Lavelanet, Ariège, ACUN   p468@  
CUELLO, José     efeanar 1.9.2012  
CUEVAS, Antonio Les Landes   p471@  
DAURA, José     Dictionnaire  
DELSO de MIGUEL, Dionisio     p481@  
DERIUS, Juan Manuel Serrano’s group, Lodève   p485@, 300 hombres y yo  
AZ, Carlos ACUN   p486@, p95 dossiers noirs  
AZ, Juan Lozère el Pescao Soli  
AZAZ, Cristóbal L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p59TH  
AZ HERNÁNDEZ, Felipe ACUN   Dictionnaire, p490@  
AZ SERRA, José Chocolat group, L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   own archives  
DIEGO MIGUEL, Cayetano     xaintries  
DIESTE RAMOS (or GÓMEZ), Joaquín Ebro Section, Glières, Haute Savoie   p782@2  
DOMENECH, Salvador Escape lines   p500@, p291 senderos  
DOMEQUE SERRASECA, Faustino     p793@2  
DOMINGUEZ Juan   el Panaderito p509@  
DOT, Ramón 3rd Brigade, Ariège, ACUN   p16 Miguel Vega  
DUQUE SUERTEGARAY Fumel district, El Maño guerrilla group, Lot-et-Garonne   Soli 17  
EDO, Juan        
EDO MARJANET, Antonio     p528@  
ENDERRIU Manuel Serrano’s group, Koufra maquis, Lodève   Dictionnaire  
ESCARTIN, Antonio Osiris group, Dordogne   exiles p25  
ESCORIZA MARTÍNEZ, Juan L’Aigle dam, Cantal Alcantara cnt puerto real  
ESPEJO Bordeaux   p540@  
ESPINAR Del Río Battalion, Ariège   archivo FAL DSCO1323  
ESCRIBANO SAURA, José Haute Savoie   archivo FAL DSCO1323  
ESTEBAN, Eulalio 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   Bulletin 17  
ESTEBAN VALERO, Marcelino Roche Battalion, Toulouse   p19 maquis@  
ESTER, Bruno Ponzán network   los de la sierra p861@2  
ESTER BORRÁS, Josep Ponzán group, Liberté group   pdf CIRA  
ESTEVE, Miquel Ebro Section, Glières, Haute Savoie Miquelet p555@p399 red de evasion  
ESTRUCH PONS, Francisco Javier     maquis anarquista p291 senderos  
ESTRUCH PONS, Josefa Chartres   p561@  
EXPÓSITO, Francisco   Castillo p870@2  
FABREGAT Manuel Serrano’s group, Lodève   p563@  
FALCETO BARUQUER, Marcelino     dictionnaire manuel serrano  
FALCÓN, Fernando 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   p572@  
FERNÁNDEZ, E. Pyrénées Orientales   p19 maquis@  
FERNÁNDEZ, Dositeo L’Aigle dam, Cantal   Dictionnaire  
FERNÁNDEZ, Francisco Group 31, Gironde   xaintries p585@  
FERNÁNDEZ FERNÁNDEZ, Salvador L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   HLV 13-1-55  
FERNÁNDEZ, Higinio Belves maquis, Libertad Battalion   xaintries  
FERNÁNDEZ, Manuel 27th Division, Cantal, ACUN   Bat. Libertad 4a  
FERNÁNDEZ PINERO. Miguel Limoges Portillo Soli  
FERNÁNDEZ PORTILLO, Miguel Corrèze   p932@2  
FERNÁNDEZ ROMERO, Paulino     p604@  
FERRER, José Antenne maritime Popeye https://espana36.pagesperso-orange.fr/courrier.avjuin07.html  
FERRER, Paco Fumel area, El Maño guerrrilla band, Lot-et-Garonne   Angulo  
FERRER LECHA, Vicente Moselle   p165 republicanos espanoles  
FERRER PASCUAL, Vicente FFI commander   p617@  
FIGUERAS TRIBÓ, Juan     p618@, p42 maquis anarquista  
FIGUEROA, Manuel     p963@2  
FLORES, Antonio Lyon   p182 o movemento  
FLORES, Juan Lyon   Corinne  
FLORES CANO, Bartolomé La Croix Rousse, Lyon   Y ahora volved  
FLORES MARTÍNEZ, Agustín Escape line   p628@ and Dictionnaire  
FLORES MARTÍNEZ, Pedro 35th Brigade, Gers el Malagueno p628@  
FLORESNCHEZ, Santiago ACUN   p628@, p280 maquis alt ara  
FONT, J. Monfort-Salvezines-La Pradelle area, Jean Robert group, ACUN Tambor p973@  
FONT BAULÓ, Joan Marte group   p250 Melich  
FONTAN PEREZ, Josó     https://alacantobrera.com/2012/03/06/juliol  
FONTANET GOMBAU, Vicente Aveyron, 9th Brigade   p634@  
FONTARNAU, Ramón ACUN   guerrilleros No 126, AAGEF  
FORTEA GRACIA, José Montélimar, Drôme, Lozère   p118 Melich  
FORTUNY FERRER, José Bort-les-Orgues, Corrèze   p639@TH  
FRAGA Libertad Battalion   anarcoefe 6/12  
FRAILE Belves maquis and Libertad Battalion   B. Libertad 3a  
FRANCO CAZORLA, Diego   Amador Franco B. Libertad 4a  
FREIXAS MORENO, Juan     p996@2  
FUENTES BEJARANO, Eugenio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p647@  
FULLOLA Bidon 5, Ariege   xaintrie  
GALERA GONZÁLEZ, Agustín L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Brives d’histoire  
GALLART, Bernardo Libertad Battalion   xaintries  
GALLEGO Morlaix, Brittany   B. Libertad 3a  
GALLEGO NICOLÁS, Antonio St Martin de Hyères, Isère, group leader Adan Josep Ester papers  
GALLUD, Mario ACUN   p666@,p214 ultimo frente  
GAMBAU GIL, Antonio Bordeaux   p1031@2  
GARCÍA Libertad Battalion Tacho p671@  
GARCÍA, Antonio La Creuzette maquis, Ariège      
GARCÍA, Benigno Alpes   Dictionnaire, p675@ p213 ultimo frente  
GARCÍA, José Libertad Battalion   p676@  
GARCÍA, Mariano Moraix, Brittany      
GARCÍA, Rafael     Josep Ester papers  
GARCÍA, Ricardo Grenada maquis, Haute Garonne   Dictionnaire  
GARCÍA, Salvador Massif Central   p1140@, Dictionnaire  
GARCÍA ANTÓN, Felipe Escape lines, Hautes Pyrénées   p683@  
GARCÍA ESPESO, Mariano L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Dictionnaire  
GARCÍA, Florencio Arles-sur-Tech, Valmanya, Pyrénées Orientales   xaintries  
GARCÍA GARCÍA, Miguel Escape lines   p677@  
GARCÍA GARRIGÓ, Pedro Chocolat group, L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p695@, anarcoefe 3/2  
GARCÍA GASCÓN, Mateo L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
GARCÍA LÓPEZ, Fulgencio Cher maquis   xaintries  
GARCÍA MARTÍNEZ, Antonio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   H/historia maquis anarquista  
GARCÍA MARTÍNEZ, Luis Picaussel   xaintries  
GARCÍA ORTEGA, José Grenoble, Isère   p119 Melich  
GARCÍA PEREZ, Demetrio Cantal el chato de Gracia p705@  
GARCÍA RUIZ, Andrés Ponzán network   P706@  
GARCÍA VALVERDE, Salvador Massif Central   p710@ p326 red ponzan  
GARCÍA VIVANCOS, Miguel Pyrénées Orientales   p1107@2  
GARCIANDÍA ECHEVARRÍA, Ignacio Tarn-et-Garonne   anarcoefe 23/1  
GARGORA Belves maquis, Libertad Battalion   p715@  
GARNES GARCÍA, Nicolás Var   B. Libertad 4a  
GARRIDO, Manuel Lozère   Dictionnaire  
GARRIDOPEZ, José 9th Brigade, ACUN, Hautes Pyrénées, Grand Combe   p51 TH  
GARRIGUES, Bernat     p1114@2  
GASPAR, Joan     anarquistas en imagenes  
GASTÓN SANVICENTE, Joaquín Ponzán network   anarquistas en imagenes  
GAYA, J. Pyrénées Orientales   Angulo  
GAYA, Ramón Kouffra maquis, Lodève Bocatorta Dictionnaire  
GAYARRE CIPRÉS, Antonio 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   exiles, p26  
GAZTELUA IZPIZUA, Eustaquio 10th Brigade, Basses Pyrénées, ACUN Teniente Guernica p19maquis@  
GERMÁN GONZÁLEZ, Alberto L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal      
GERMÁN GONZÁLEZ, José L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal, group leader   p725@Dictionnaire, xaintries  
GIL, José     xaintrie  
GIL, Juan Agen, Toulouse, Perpignan   p728@  
GIL, Vicente     p1131@2  
GIL BARRI, Antonio 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   p729@  
GIL IBARS, Valero     p19maquis@  
GIL MIR, Joaquín Tarn   p732@  
GIL MORENO, Luis L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p773@, P321 Angues, Dictionnaire  
GILABERT, Andreu Isère, Lyon   xaintrie  
GIMENO PASCUAL, Tomás Commander in the Bordeaux resistance   maquis anarquista  
GIMENO TIMONEDA, Demetrio   Bigotes    
GINES CICILIA, Pelegrín L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p738@  
GIRÓN GARCÍA, Idilio Vaucluse, in charge of French-Spanish group   xaintries  
GISPERT CODINA, José 560th Brigade UNE   Dictionnaire  
GLARÍA LAREGUI, Leonardo Manini Group, 10th Brigade, Basses Pyrénées, ACUN guide   maquis  
GOITIA, Raymond     p405@, p133 republicanos espanoles  
MEZ, Juan 30th Brigade, ACUN   p744@  
MEZ, Manuel Toulouse   Soli  
MEZ MARCO, Victoriano     p746@anarcoefe 17/4  
MEZ MELANCHÓN, Narciso Manini Group, Basses Pyrénées   pdf lib jil  
GOMIZ Captain with the Libertad Battalion   p138 republicanos espanoles  
GONZÁLEZ, Amador Tarn-et-Garonne   gran cap  
GONZÁLEZ, Emilio Ballesta Group, Limoges, Haute Vienne   nordest  
GONZÁLEZ JOVINO Canigou, in charge of 15 libertarians Cuvino p747 republicanos espanoles  
GONZÁLEZ, Manuel Fumel district, El Maño’s guerrilla group, Lot-et-Garonne   maquis anarquista  
GONZÁLEZ, Mario (or Mariano) Libertad Battalion   p165 republicanos espanoles  
GONZÁLEZ ESPADA, Miguel Escape line, Ariège   Bat. Libertad 3a  
GONZÁLEZ FERNÁNDEZ, Juan     p768@  
GONZÁLEZ GIL, Ildefenso   Gregorio Quintana Dictionnaire  
GONZÁLEZ GONZÁLEZ, Antonio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p770@  
GONZÁLEZ MARÍN, José Ponzán network   xaintrie  
GONZÁLEZ NAVARRO, Manuel L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal Pies Negros Dictionnaire  
GONZÁLEZ SANMARTÍ, Ramón Sète, Hérault el Nano xaintrie  
GORDILLO     p781@  
GARCÍA, Ángel     pdf CIRA p162  
GRACIA, Rafael     p786@  
GRACIA IBARS, Tomás Germinal Dauphiné   anarcoefe 17/6  
GUALLAR CATALÁN, Francisco     p788@  
GUARDIA SOCADA, Antonio Escape lines   p798@  
GUIJARRO PRIEGO, Julián Privas, Ardèche   Free to Fight  
GUILLÉN BERTOLÍN, Jesús Bram, Aude Guillembert p804@, p213 ultimo frente  
GUILLÉN CABANERO, Joaquín     anarcoefe 31/10  
GURE IZERDIA, Vicente     p806@  
HEREDIA LERMO, José ACUN, Montluçon, Allier   los de la sierra  
HEREDIA VICO, Antonio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   maquis anarquista  
HERMOSILLA SAGREDO, Julia Basses Pyrénées   xaintries  
HERNÁNDEZ, Antonio Del Río Battalion, Bidon 5, Ariège & Haute Garonne   archivo  
HERNÁNDEZ, Carlos Jose Cervera’s group, Dordogne   bribes d’histoire  
HERNÁNDEZ MERINO, Antonio Bordeaux Paisa p195/198 republicanos espanoles  
HERNÁNDEZ MORALES, José Aveyron, 9th Brigade, ACUN   p827@  
HERNÁNDEZ PAGÁN, Ginés L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p306 maquis alt ara  
HERNÁNDEZREZ, José Privas, Ardèche, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
HERNÁNDEZ RODRÍGUEZ, Luis Libertad Battalion: a Venezuelan   p828@, pp212, 213 ultimo frente  
HERRERO, Cayo Lavelanet, Ariège      
HERRERO ÁRBOLES, Ernesto Bordeaux   les anars  
HIGUERASREZ, Francisco Libertad Battalion el Siete Dictionnaire  
HUBERT, Manolo Ariège   p395 rastro de, B. Libertad 4a  
HUET PIERA, Manuel Ponzán network’s antenne maritime, Paris el Murciano cervantes virtual  
IBÁÑEZ OLMEDO Fumel district, El Maño’s guerrilla band, Lot-et-Garonne   p842@, p749 republicanos espanoles, p330 senderos  
IBARS JAUNÍAS, Domingo Inphi Nièvre, Puig group, 35 libertarians      
IBARZ, Antonio Ariège   Bayo  
IBARZ SEUMA, José Corrèze   p849@  
IGLESIAS PAZ, José Paris   p1322@2  
IGLESIAS RODRÍGUEZ, José Eliodoro Cantal   p855@  
IGUACEL PIEDRAFITA, Prudencio Ponzán network   xaintries  
ISART OLIVER, Agustín     p857@, p401 red de evasion, p308 republicanos espanoles  
ITURBE, Lola     p864@  
JAUSORO SASÍA, Juan José Gernika Battalion   https@//www.mve2gm.es/resistencia-/  
JIMÉNEZ ÁLVAREZ, Dolores Cordes Blanca    
JIMÉNEZ, Manuel 35th Brigade, Gers, ACUN   p1357@2  
JIMÉNEZ SANZ, Manuel Bordeaux, Gironde      
JODAR SORIANO, Manuel L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   https://twitter.com/HomenajeREP/status/138638140601577472/photo/1  
JORDÁN , Gregorio Antenne maritime   xaintries  
JORDÁN, Luis Libertad Battalion   Angulo  
JOSÉ ESTEVE, Eduardo Ponzán group   B. Libertad 4a  
JOVER, Pepito ACUN   p566@**  
JOYA MARTÍNEZ, Manuel Ebro Section, Glières   p92/94 Melich  
JUAN Group 31, Gironde el Vibora pdf CIRA p165*  
JULIÁN GALVÁN, José Ponzán network   Luis  
KIKET Led the Chocolat group, Pic Violent, Cantal Kiket memoire  
LACLAUSTRA, Pedro Simon Battalion, Mirande, Gers Caballicos p206 republicanos  
LAFORAS RICARD, Luis L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Dictionnaire  
LAFRAGUETA SOLANO, Ramón     xaintries  
LAFUENTEPEZ, Luis de     p896@  
LAGO Libertad Battalion   p750 republicanos espanoles  
LAGO LORENZO, Moisés Basses Pyrénées Comandante Lago B. Libertad 4a  
LAGUILLO DE LOSOS, Rafael Libertad Battalion   p183 o movemento  
LAGUILLO DE LOSOS, Victor Libertad Battalion   archivo, B. Libertad 4a  
LARA, Emilio Ponzán group   archivo, B. Libertad 4a  
LARROY LATORRE, Esteban Maquis No 3, Saint Sauveur l’Yonne, ACUN   p904@  
LASHERAS, Francisco     Est.  
LECA, Francisco 10th Brigade, Basses Pyrénées, ACUN   p906@  
LEÓN, Luis        
LIARTE VIU, Ramón ACUN   p915@  
LIDÓN CICILIA, Juan L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p919@  
LINUESA, Modesto   Roberto? xaintries  
LIKINIANO HERIZ, Félix Brittany   p926@  
LIZÁN GONZALBO, Luis     p927@  
LLACH BOU, Valeriano     p1445@2  
LLADÓS TARRAGÓ, Josep Bertrand Alexaindre group   p930@  
LLAGOSTERA, Juan 35th Brigade, ACUN   p931@, anarcoefe 6/2  
LLAURADÓ Pyrénées Orientales, ACUN   Soli  
LLERDÁ, Juan Antonio Belves maquis, Libertad Battalion, Bordeaux   Soli  
LLISÓ MORENO, José L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal Juan p934@, anarco efe 21/8  
LOMBARTE SERRAT, Carlos Béziers   xaintries  
LONGAU, Andrés Agustín Pyrénées Orientales   p1468@2  
PEZ, A. Libertad Battalion   Dictionnaire  
PEZ TOMÁS, José Montignac, Dordogne      
PEZ, Julio Pyrénées Atlantiques   Josep Ester  
PEZ ALECHA, Ricardo L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Dictionnaire  
PEZ ASTURIANO, Alfonso L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
PEZ ESPEJO, Antonio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
PEZ FERNÁNDEZ, Desiderio Inphi Nièvre, Puig group Canillas xaintries  
PEZ GARCÍA, Tomás Ponzán group el Mano Bayo  
PEZ LAGUARTA, Eusebio Ponzán group Coteno p132 Remiro, p960@  
PEZ LAGUARTA, Pascual Ponzán group Sixto p961@, p402 redes de evasion, p331 senderos **  
PEZ MARTÍNEZ, Juan Decazeville, Aveyron   p962@, p402 redes de evasion, p331 senderos**  
PEZ MELANCHÓN, Francisco Manini group, Basses Pyrénées   rastro de rostros p397  
PEZ OCHOA, Gumersindo L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   anar bearn  
PEZ PALAZÓN, Miguel 15th Brigade, ACUN   xaintrie  
PEZ PENEDO, José Prats de Mollo, Pyrénées Orientales Gallego los de la sierra  
LOZANO MOLINA, María Grenada, Haute Garonne   anarco efe 4/2  
LUCARINI MACAZAGA, Liberto Paris   p980@, p1523@2  
LUENGO GUILLÉN, Miguel Ponzán network   p1524@2  
LUILES VALDÉS, Pedro L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   los de la sierra  
LUNA, Albert José de L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
MANGADO, Clemente Massif Central   xaintries  
MANINI MORA, Carlos Buzy, Manini group, Basses Pyrénées area   p1015@  
MAÑÁ C. Lot Brigade   p1016@ 01368 republicanos espanoles  
MAÑO, el Fumel area, el Maño’s guerrilla band, Lot-et-Garonne   republicanos p197  
MAÑOS CABEZAS, Pedro L’aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal      
MARCOREZ, Emilio Tours   xaintries  
MARCOS, Ramón Limoges   p1026@  
MARCOBAL, Manuel Savoie   p1591@2  
MAREY, Manuel L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Dictionnaire  
MARGALEF BELTRÁN, Teresa     Dictionnaire  
MARIANO, Jaime André Arru, Marseilles.   p1028@  
MARIÑO CARBALLEDA, José Paris   Dictionnaire  
MARIVELA Torres, Hipólito     p1603@2  
MARQUÉS CABALLERO, José L’Aigle dam Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1034@  
RQUEZ SICILIA, Ventura Cantal, ACUN   Dictionnaire  
MARTÍ, C. Pyrénées Orientales   p1610@2  
MARTÍ, José     Dictionnaire  
MARTÍ, José Robur-Alfred network, Haute Garonne   p1615@2  
MARTÍN ABAD, Miguel     p1040@, Dictionnaire  
MARTÍN FONT, Serafín ACUN   p1047@  
MARTÍN MARÍN, Tomás     p1627@2  
MARTÍNEZ, Alfonso Lyon Borbon pdf5 arcFAL  
MARTÍNEZ, F. R. Alençon   Y ahora volved  
MARTÍNEZ, José 10th Brigade, Basses Pyrénées, ACUN Vileta pdf CIRA p162  
MARTÍNEZ, Luis        
MARTÍNEZ GONZÁLEZ, Manuel     ca16  
MARTÍNEZ, Victoriano Pellisane, Bouches-du-Rhône Tianet p1057@  
MARTÍNEZ CAYUELA, Felipe L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Dictionnaire p1059@  
MARTÍNEZ MALUENDA, Jesús Bordeaux el Mano xaintries  
MARTÍNEZRQUEZ, Francisco Belves maquis, Libertad Battalion Paco p1070@  
MARTÍNEZ REBOLLO, José L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal Cartagena B. Libertad 4a  
MARTÍNEZ SAGI, Ana María Escape lines   xaintries  
MARTÍNEZ YUSTE, Ginés Privas, Ardèche Victor p1078@  
MARTORELL GAVALDÁ, Alfonso Muret, Haute Garonne   Y ahora volved  
MARTOS REQUENA, Andrés     p1082@  
MASONS Manuel Serrano’s group, Lodève   p1681@2  
MATEO, Alfonso Grenoble, Isère, Lyon   Dictionnaire, Manuel Serrano  
MATEU CUSIDÓ, Pere Cordes-sur-Ciel, Tarn   H/historia maquis anarquista*  
MEJÍAS GONZÁLEZ, Antonio Southeast France   anarco ef 14/11 and http://espana36voila.net/courrier/sepdeco2.html  
MELE, Miguel Isère   p1710@2  
MELICH GUTIÉRREZ, Enric Monfort-Salvezines- La Pradelle area, Jean Robert’s group, ACUN Cabo Sanz p141 300 hombres y yo  
MELICH RODES, Enrique Miguel González’s escape line   p1102@  
MENÉ, Mariano     p1103@  
MENÉNDEZ VIÑA, Luis 3rd Brigade, Ariège, ACUN   p1109@  
MERINO ESTEVE, Fernando L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   cervantes virtual  
MERINO PERIS, Bernardo L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal Nardo xaintrie  
MIALET GUITERAS, Ramón     Dictionnaire  
MICAS BRINGE, José Bordeaux   p1116@  
MIGUEL Group 31, Gironde Moyro p1116@  
MIGUEL AZNÁREZ, Francisco Javier Ponzán network el Largo Luis  
MILANES, APARICIO     p1739@2  
MILLÁN 5th Battalion, Toulouse   Dictionnaire  
MINGUILLÓN, Francisco C Brigade Maleterre, Lot   archivo FAL DSCO1323  
MIÑARRO Captain in FFI   Josep Ester  
MOLES, Nicolás Gil Mont Aigoual maquis, Cévennes   p65 la revolta  
MOLINA, José Arles, Prats de Mollo, chief guide   Dictionnaire  
MOLINA CAPILLA, Andrés Decazeville   p1135@  
MOLINA MATEO, Juan Manuel Ponzán network, Montpellier   p1766@2  
MONBIOLA ALLUÉ, Ángel Pedro Grenada maquis, Haute Garonne   efeanar 1-9-2012  
MONGAY, Juan La Barre dam   p1139@  
MONTAGUT, Pedro Gnioure dam, Ariège   p1141@  
MONTANELL, Juan Maquis in Lot   p1143@  
MONTANER JUSTE, Antonio Louvel, Ardèche, ACUN el Mano Josep Ester  
MONTAÑESPEZ, Ausencio Ponzán network   los de la sierra  
MONTEJANO, Enrique Tarascon ACUN      
MONTERO, M. 4th Brigade, ACUN   p1782@  
MONTERO , Segunda Ponzán network and Paris Conxita Soli  
MONTERO VAQUERO, Francisco Chocolat group, L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1146@, p332 senderos  
MONTOLIU DEL CAMPO, Joan Pic Violent maquis, L’Aigle dam area, Cantal, a lieutenant with the Didier Battalion   xaintries  
MONTORIO GONZALVO, José Manuel Bordeaux area, UNE Chaval p1150@, p205/206 republicanos espanoles  
MONTULL, José 35th Brigade, Gers, ACUN   http://www.mve2gm.es/resistencia-/  
MONZÓN, Luis     Soli  
MORA, Vicente Ponzán network el viejo Mora p1157@  
MORAGRERA ADELL, Florencio Creuse maquis, Haute Vienne   Angulo  
MORENO 3rd Brigade, Ariège, ACUN   Dictionnaire  
MORENO VILLANUEVA, Manuel L’Aigle dam   Soli  
MORIONES BELZUNEGUI, Vicente Ponzán network el Navarro p1170@  
MUGUERZA ACUN   p1171@, p404 red de evasion, p204 guerra secreta  
MUÑOZ Salvador Andorra, ACUN   p 63 maquis alt ara  
MUÑOZ CARRASCO, Miguel Canigou, Ariège Duende Soli  
MUÑOZ CORNEJO, Juan Yonne   p1184@. P213 ultimo frente grupo 15@  
MUÑOZ HERNÁNDEZ , Crescencio Foix, Ariège, 3rd Brigade, ACUN   p1184@  
MURILLO DE LA CRUZ     p1185@, p755 republicanos espanoles  
NAVARRO Pyrénées Orientales   p755 republicanos espanoles  
NAVARRO, Floreal Duguesclin maquis, 9th Brigade, Aveyron   Dictionnaire  
NAVARRO GALLEGO, Diego L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   bulletin 124  
NAVARRO VELÁZQUEZ, Antonio     xaintries  
NICOLÁS MOLES, Gil (or Guillermo) Aygual maquis, Gard   anarco efe 30-8  
NIETO, Jaime Fumel district, el Maño’s guerrilla band, Lot-et-Garonne Bolados p213 ultimo frente, p1205@  
OLALQUIAGA LABAY, Caridad Ponzán network   p1917@2  
OLIVER CALLE, Josep L’Aigle dam, Cantal      
OLIVERA, Mariano Escape lines   anarco efe 7-4  
ORTIZREZ, Francisco Glières, Haute Savoie, Ebro Section Lieutenant Michel p1230@  
PACHÓN NÚÑEZ, Olegario Ponzán group Extremeno p1247@, 272 repubicanos espanoles  
PACULENTA, M. Sarlat, Dordogne   H/historia albatera  
PADILLA BOLOIX, Josep     Dictionnaire  
PADILLA GONZÁLEZ, Miguel Ponzán network, Paris   179 http://www.veuobrera.org/O1biogra/1biogra-n.htm  
EZ MORATÍN, José     testimony of his grandson  
PALANCA, Manuel Ponzán group   p1259@  
PALLÉ BALLESTAR, Manuel Haute Loire   p1263@  
PANIAGUA, José Castille network   p1267@  
PANIAGUA CRESPO, Pedro Belves maquis, Libertad Battalion   p1267@  
PAÑART DE ANTONIO, Félix IX Brigade, Hautes Pyrénées   B. Libertad 4a  
PARÉS ADÁN, Jaime   Abisinio ayuntamiento de Bielsa  
PARONELLA i FURQUET, Miquel Ariège      
PASCUAL BONFILL, Herminio ACUN, Hérault   Bulletin 154  
PASCUAL, José Del Río Battalion, Ariège   Dictionnaire  
PASCUAL,Mauricio ACUN   archivo FAL DSCO 1338  
PASCUAL DIOS, Alejandro     p251 Melich  
PASCUAL GIMENO, Ricardo L’Aigle dam   p1287@  
PASCUAL GONZÁLEZ, Miguel 7th Tarn Brigade, Haute Garonne, ACUN   p1287@, p213 ultimo frente  
PEDRA ARGÜELLES, Camilo   el Cojo de Sants p304 maquis alt ara  
PEDRA ARGÜELLES, Francisco     http://www.nodo50.org/tortuga/Mis-cenetistas-preferidos  
PEDROSA, José Valence   p1297@  
PEINADOPEZ Fumel area, El Maño’s guerrilla band, Lot-et-Garonne   p2026@2  
PEIRÓ, Ramón 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   p165 republicanos espanoles  
PEIRÓ OLIVES, José     p19 maquis@  
PEÑA, Francisco 27th Division, Cantal, ACUN   p1302@  
PEÑA PÉREZ, Pedro        
PEÑA VALLESPÍN, Ricardo Haute Savoie   p1308@  
PERALTA MARTÍNEZ, Virgilio     anarco efe 15/11, p1309@  
REZ, José Venturaz   p2044@2  
REZ, Pedro Melich escape line   p2053@2  
REZ LLAMAS, Jesús 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   p2055@2  
REZ MONTES, José   Pepin p19 maquis@  
REZ RUANO, Francisco Ponzán network, Lot-et-Garonne   p1330@, anarco efe 2/10  
PINOL RUBÍ, Ángel L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Dictionnaire, anarco efe 11/09, plus Antonina Rodrigo interview  
PINOS , Enrique Venturaz   xaintries  
PINO CASERO, Eustaquio Henry group, Aubervilliers, Paris   p1348@  
PINOS REGALADO, Eusebio La Vapeur group, Ebro Section, Savoie   Evelyn  
PINÓS REGALADO, Gabriel La Vapeur group, Ebro Section, Savoie   p1349@  
PLANAS ESCOFET, Jaime Toulouse   p1349@  
PONS i PRADES, Eduard Aude Floreal Barcino p1360@  
PONZÁN VIDAL, Francisco Ponzán network, Ariège-Haute Garonne Vidal    
PONZÁN VIDAL, Pilar Ponzán network, Ariège-Haute Garonne   red de evasion  
PORTELL SERRAT, Josep Ponzán network   red de evasion  
PRUÑOSA, Secundino Ariège   p61 Daniel arasa  
PUERTOLAS LACOMA, José Tarn   p2163@2  
PUIG Ran the Inphi Nièvre group of 35 libertarians   p2170@2  
PUIG ELÍAS, Joan Libertad Battalion   Bayo  
PUJADAS CAROLA, Juan 19th Brigade, Gard, Ardèche Max B. Libertad 4a  
PUJOL CASASÚS, José L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   archivo and Y ahora volved  
PUJOL GRUA, Josep Physician, Busi and Bordeaux   xaintries  
PUZO CABRERO, Mariano Saillagousse, Pyrénées Orientales      
QUEROL, José Manuel Serrano’s group, Lodève and Koufra maquis in Lot   anarco efe 8/9, p1398@  
QUEROL CARDONA, José     Dictionnaire and maquis anarquista  
QUEROL MARZÁ, Joaquim Ponzán group Ximo Querol p2187@2  
QUILES VALDÉS, Pedro L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   anarco efe 25/9, p1401@  
QUINTANA PEÑALVER, Miguel Lodève, Montpellier, Manuel Serrano group Perolero Dictionnaire  
RAMBLA, José Pyrenees Orientales   p1404@ anarco efe 29/10  
RAMÍREZ, M. 4th Brigade, Tarn, ACUN   Dictionnaire  
RAMÓN “el Pintor” José Cervera group, Dordogne   Soli  
RAMÓN MARTÍNEZ, Francisco Ornais   Josep Ester  
RAMOS, Braulio La Combe d’Ire maquis, Haute Savoie   Dictionnaire  
RAMOS, Félix Bagnères de Bigorre, Hautes Pyrénées   Dictionnaire  
RAMOS, Joaquín Commanded the 2nd Brigade from January 1943 and also led the 35th Marcel Langer Brigade, Toulouse   maquis anarquista  
RAMOS RUEDA, Manuel Toulouse Pelotas maquis anarquista  
REBORDOSA PITARCH, Francisco     p1419@, los de la sierra  
REBULL, Joaquim Les Landes   p1424@  
REDONDO, José Clermont Ferrand, Puy-de-Dôme   maquis anarquista  
REMIRO MANERO, Agustín Ponzán group   Dictionnaire  
REQUENA, Luis     p1431@, p46 red de evasion, p334 senderos  
REY, Fernando Vitini group, Albi   p1434@  
RIBÉ SOPERAS, José St Gaudens, Haute Garonne   maquis anarquista  
RIBERA, Esteban     p1442@  
RIBERAIGUA, Benjamín Quimper, Angoulême, Charente, Bordeaux   p1443@  
RIC ALZURÍA, Juan Rouergue, Aveyron   p1443@  
RIC DEL RÍO, Juan Del Río Battalion, Rouergue maquis, Aude   Dictionnaire  
RICO ACEBES, Antonio Libertad Battalion   maquis anarquista  
RIERA, Miguel Basses Pyrénées, Bucy, Manini group   B. Libertad 4a  
RIFA, José Angers   Espias  
RIOJANO 24th Brigade, Puy-de-Dôme, Aude, ACUN Brigade commander   p662@2  
RIONDA, Alfredo     republicanos espanoles p742  
RIPOLL, Julián Tarn-et-Garonne, ACUN   Dictionnaire, p1450@  
RIUS DE LA PUERTA, Ramon Bram district, Aude   Soli  
ROCA Manuel Serrano group, Lodève   p1453@, p199 guerra secreta  
ROCA, Germán Antenne maritime   Dictionnaire, manuel serrano  
ROCHA 11th Brigade, ACUN   Angulo  
ROCHE, Antonio Ponzán network, Pyrénées Orientales   Soli  
RODRÍGUEZ, Antonio Montfort-sur-Boulzanne, Aude Victoriano Vonilla Rufat  
RODRÍGUEZ, Ester     p1465@, asesinados  
RODRÍGUEZ FERNÁNDEZ, Julio   Fedor p1466@  
RODRÍGUEZ, Gregorio Sereilhac, Haute Vienne   los de la sierra  
RODRÍGUEZ, Gonzalo Ballesta group, Limoges, Haute Vienne   maquis anarquista  
RODRÍGUEZ, Ramón Bordeaux, Angoulême, Agen, Libertad Battalion      
RODRÍGUEZ CAPARRÓS, Juan L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1469@  
RODRÍGUEZ GONZÁLEZ, Antonio ACUN   xaintrie  
RODRÍGUEZ GONZÁLEZ, Eulogio ACUN   p66 maquis alt ara  
RODRÍGUEZ GORDILLO, Ángel Pamiers, Ariège, 3rd Brigade   p66 maquis alt ara  
RODRÍGUEZ HUERMA, Manuel L’Aigle dam, Cantal   memoria libertaria  
ROFES, Adonis Bédarieux-Faugères, Hérault   xaintrie  
ROFES LLORENS, Buenaventura Hérault   Dictionnaire  
ROIG LLADÓ, Josep   Antonio Millera Dictionnaire  
ROMÁN CUERVA, Antonio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1488@  
ROMÁN CUERVA, Ricardo L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
ROMÁN MORALES, Juan L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
ROMEU ALADÉN, Baltasar L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
ROMEO MONTORÍ, Lorenzo Pedro Flores’s group, Rennes, Brittany   Dictionnaire  
ROMEOREZ, Antonio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1494@  
ROS GARRO, Liberto Paris   xaintries  
ROSA SANZ, Luis de la Gers   p1501@  
ROSELL, Pepito Robur network, Brittany   p1501@  
ROSES, Francisco Lot maquis   Dictionnaire  
ROY ESCRIBANO, Ricardo Ariège, Del Río Battalion??   Josep Ester  
ROYO Bidon 5   Maitron  
ROYO Brother of above, Bidon 5   pdf CIRA 1 p162  
ROZAS TORREALBA, Ruperto Massif Central   pdf CIRA 1 p162  
RUBIO , Saturnino Poitiers, Vienne   riojano own archives  
RUEDA, Lucía Ponzán network, Antenne maritime Patro p1513@  
RUIZ, Antonio 35th Brigade   p206 Daniel Arasa, p80 senderos libertad  
RUIZ, Diego Doctor, ACUN   maquis anarquista  
RUIZ BERNALTE, Julián L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   cuaderno miguel  
RUIZ DE ANGULO, Marino Ponzán network, Alpes   xaintries  
RUIZ DE GALARRETA BURGUETE, Pablo     own archives  
RUIZ GARRIDO, Elisa Ponzán network la Mana p1521@  
RUIZ LARROCHA, Floreal 10th Brigade, Basses Pyrénées, ACUN   anarco efe 28/10  
RUIZ ORTIZ, Montserrat L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal      
RUIZREZ, José Lyon Felix xaintries  
RUIZ RUIZ, Alfredo South-west France   Y ahora volved  
SABATÉ LLOPART, Francisco Angoulême and Vallespir escape lines Quico p1527@  
SABATER ORENGA, Mauricio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p51-53 sabate, p1533@  
EZ GIMÉNEZ, José 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   xaintries  
SALA TOLO, Francisco Ponzán network   p19 maquis@  
SALAS, Antonio Massif Central   anarco efe 29/1  
SALAS MILLÁN, Juan Atlantic Wall el Roset p1542@  
SALCEDO, Teodosio A’ Brigade, Dordogne, ACUN   p1544@  
SALES BELTRÁN, Juan Tarn      
SALINAPEZ, Ildefonso     https://antonsaaveda.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/republicanos-espanoles-en-la-resistencia-francesa-xlii/  
SALVADOR, Emilio     p1547@  
SALVATIERRA, Juan Jesús L’Oseau network   p1550@  
NCHEZ MARTÍNEZ, Juan Lyon Pelao p1547@  
NCHEZ, Juana Lyon   Y ahora volved  
NCHEZ BALLESTEROS, Daniel Youth combatant in Toulouse   Y ahora volved  
NCHEZ BENITO, “Ramón” Neuvic, Gabriel Péri company, Corrèze   maquis anarquista  
NCHEZ, Demetrio Belves maquis, Libertad Battalion   p1559@  
NCHEZ, Esteban Fumel district, el Maño’s guerrilla band, Lot-et-Garonne   B. Libertad 4a  
NCHEZ FIGUERAS C’ Brigade, Malaterra maquis, Lot      
NCHEZ GARCÍA, Pedro Montagne noir, Aude   republicanos p197  
NCHEZ GONZÁLEZ, Joaquín 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   p1566@  
NCHEZ MIGALLÓN, Vicente     p19 maquis@  
NCHEZ PORRERO, Martín Pyrenees el Bote p1568@  
NCHEZNCHEZ, Antonio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1569@  
SANGÜESA, Juan Antenne maritime el Navarro xaintries  
SANS SICART, Joan Saint-Lis-Muret network, Montagne noir, Aude   Angulo  
SANTAOLARIA FRAUCA, Alberto Libertad Battalion   anarco efe 30/9, p1579@  
SANTIAGO PAVÓN, José L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p223, Rufat2  
SANTOS PASTOR, Liberto or Manuel In charge of the Libertad Battalion   Dictionnaire  
SANVICENTE, Gastón Ponzán network, Antenne Maritime   B. Libertad 4a  
SANZ, Antonio Vercors and As de Pique maquis, group leader, Isère l’Espagne p269 senderos libertad  
SANZ ALMUDEBAR, Manuel Pointe Grave, Libertad Battalion   Josep Ester and p280 republicanos espanoles  
SANZ CLEMENTE, Miguel 1st Brigade, Pyrénées Orientales Chispita p1591@  
SARBACO, F. Libertad Battalion   p1592@ p763 republicanos espanoles  
SARSA BOLI, Lorenza Ponzán network      
SAYAS SEGURA, Luis Les Landes, Marseilles   Dictionnaire  
SEGURA, Alfredo Tarn, ACUN   p2515@2  
SEGURA, Victoriano Nérac, Lot-et-Garonne   Soli  
SEGURA TAXIES, Marcelino ACUN   p1606@  
SELAS, Luis Ariège   Josep Ester  
SERAL GORDUN, Tomás UNE 90th Brigade and Teruel groups   p1608@  
SERRANO, Francisco     p306 maquis alt ara  
SERRANO, Pablo        
SERRANO, Pedro     p1618@  
SERRANO AGUILAR, Manuel Manuel Serrano’s group, Koufra maquis, Lodève Moliner Dictionnaire  
SERRANOMEZ, Francisco     p1619@  
SERRANO NUEZ, Mariano 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   p2535@2  
SERRANO RODRÍGUEZ, Atanasio Foix, Ariège Tanque p19 maquis @  
SERRASOLS CAROL, Ramón L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1621@  
SERRAT, Jaime Perpignan   Dictionnaire  
SERRES, José     Dictionnaire  
SEUS, Pere Gallia network   p1623@  
SILLERO, Domingo Ponzán network   p184 senderos libertad  
SILVA, Jose     Memoire  
SILVESTRE TALÓN, Miguel Escape lines, Toulouse Nano p1629@  
SIMÓ, Constantino In charge of the Paul Bert maquis, Yonne Castagne anarco efe 17/03  
SINCA VENDRELL, Amadeo     Y ahora volved  
SOL, Margarita Ponzán network      
SOL TORRES, Miguel Ponzán network   Angulo  
SOLÉ, Antonio Gers   Dictionnaire  
SOLÉ, Pepita Manini escape lines, Basses Pyrénées   Dictionnaire  
SOLÉ CLEMENTE, Salvador Haute Savoie   Espias  
SOLÍS Angoulême, Charente, ACUN   p1642@  
SONSONA GIMENO, José L’Aigle damn, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Soli 18  
SORIANO MARTELES, José 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   xaintrie  
SOTO, Julio ACUN   p19 maquis @  
SOTO, Pedro Faita maquis, Chalabre   Soli 20  
SOTO ORTIZ, Ángel Ponzán network, Perpignan   p76 Melich  
SOTO ORTIZ, Manuel Ponzán network   archivo  
SUÁREZ, José     p335 senderos libertad  
SUÁREZAZ, Ignacio Chocolat group, L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1661@  
SUÑER LLOP, Eugenio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
TARÍN, Ángel Ponzán group   xaintries  
TARRADELL, Vicente Perpignan, smuggling network and escape lines   pdf CIRA 1  
TEJEDOR DELLA, Manuel Limoges, Margnat maquis   p1675@  
TEJEDOR FERRER, Manuel L’Aigle dam maquis, Didier Battalion, Cantal Montana p2639@2  
LLEZ SOLÁ, Antonio Rodez, Decazeville, 9th FFI Brigade Tarra    
TERÁN, Martín     p1680@  
TESÁN, Antonio   Dinamita p1692@  
TIBURCIO PUEYO, Alejandro Escape lines   anarco efemerides 17/6 and p1684@  
TOLOSANALEZ, Tomas Ponzán group   p1685, los de la sierra  
TOMÁS, Ángel Sorbo maquis, Corsica   los de la sierra  
TOMÁS, Ángel Ponzán network, Marseilles   maquis anarquista  
TOMÁS CHALE, Agustina Robur Alfred’ escape line   p55/58 Y ahora volved  
TOMÁS CHALE, Juan Bautista Robur Alfred’ escape line Tomaset Dictionnaire  
TOMÁS CORTÉS, Ángel Ponzán network   Dictionnaire  
TOMÁS LÓPEZ, José Montignac, Dordogne   Dictionnaire  
TONI José Cervera’s group, Dordogne el Italiano republicanos p692  
TORMO MANZANA, Dionisio Alpes      
TORRES, J. Brittany, ACUN   p1693@  
TORRONTEGUI MECHACA, Luciano Libertad Battalion   Miguel  
TORT FERNÁNDEZ, Salvador     p1706@  
TORTAJADA, Jorge     anarco efe 5/10  
TRAVÉ, Emilio Belves maquis, Dordogne, Libertad Battalion   p1706@  
TRAVÉ, Emilio Libertad Battalion   p1718@ and B. Libertad  
TRENC CASES, Antoni Gnioure dam, Ariège   les anars  
TRÍAS PUJOL, Joaquín Doctor   http://alacantobrer.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/juliol/  
ULLES BASCOMPTE, Juan Decazeville, Aveyron   republicanos espanoles p765  
URBÁN CARACHAN L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1729@, Dictionnaire  
USÓN ARA, Gregorio L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   xaintries  
UTRILLA FERNÁNDEZ, Galo Annecy, Ebro Section Glières, Haute Savoie, ACUN   xaintries  
VAL BESCÓS, Eduardo Ponzán group   p1737@, maquis anarquista p291 senderos  
VALDAURA, Mercedes Tarn-et-Garonne, ACUN   anarco efe 13/10  
VALENTÍN BLASIO, Francisco L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   Soli  
VALERO TERRAT, Esteban 9th Brigade, Aveyron, ACUN   xaintries  
VALLE PALOMEQUE, Manuel del 34th Brigade, ACUN   p19 maquis@  
VALLEJO, Abilio La Madaleine, Gard   Miguel  
VALLS BAQUER, Salvador Limoges region   p1756@  
VARGAS, José Ballesta group, Limoges, Haute Vienne   https://www.journal-ipns.org/les-articles/528-no-pasaran-deux-portraits-de-resistants-espagnols-en-limousin  
ZQUEZ, Evencio Tarn, ACUN      
VEGA ÁLVAREZ, Cristóbal Pau, Toulouse, ACUN Veguita    
VENTURA ALIER 3rd Brigade, Ariège, captain with the ACUN   los de la sierra  
VENTURA BLASCO, José Fumel, 10th Brigade, Basses Pyrénées, ACUN   maquis anarquista  
VENTURA BLASCO, José Col de la Marie Blanque, 10th Brigade, Basses Pyrénées, ACUN Capitan Ventura p1772@2  
VERA NAVAS, Miguel Annecy, Ebro Section Glières, Haute Savoie, ACUN      
VERARDINIAZ-FERRETI, Antonio Group leader   p291 senderos  
VERDUGO TALAVERA, Manuel 35th Brigade, Gers, ACUN   http://www/christiebooks.com/ChristieBooksWP/2013/05/antonio-verardini-diez-ferreti-1910-198/  
VERNET, Fernando Montauban, Toulouse   Soli 18  
VIDAL, Francisco Ponzán network Berdie Dictionnaire  
VIDAL, Manuel Manini group, Basses Pyrénées   Angulo  
VIDAL COMA, José Paris Vidalet anar bearn  
VILA, José Ariège   p1792@  
VILA CAPDEVILA, Ramón Rochechouart area, Haute Vienne and Libertad Battalion Raymond Dictionnaire, p1796@  
VILANOVA, Agustín Ponzán network      
VILLAPADIERNA GARCÍA, Julián Escape lines Vitaliano los de la sierra  
VILLEGAS IZQUIERDO, José María Toulouse   p101 o movemento  
VISCOSILLAS BORDERAS, Ricardo Les Landes, Grasse maquis, Normandy   archivo  
VIVANCOS FUCASTE, Manuel L’Aigle dam, Didier Batalion, Cantal   Dictionnaire  
VIVAS BLASCO, Emilio Roussillon, Pyrénées Orientales   xaintries  
VIZCARRA FIBRA, Jaime L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1816@  
VIZCAYA, Eduardo Bidon 5, Ariège Del Río xaintries  
YUFERA FIGUEREDO, Alberto L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1817@  
WOSMEDIANO Montélimar, Lozère   xaintries  
ZAFÓN BAYO, Juan Ponzán network and resistance Zapata p59 HT  
ZAFORAS, RICARD LUIS L’Aigle dam, Didier Battalion, Cantal   p1830@  
ZAPATA, José M. Miramas, Bouches-du-Rhône, ACUN   xaintries  
ZUBIZARRETA ASPAS, Ignacio Trompeloup, Gironde   Miguel