Iron Column [Publishing News]

2006 sees the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution. To mark this we plan to publish The Iron Column: Militant Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War. The Iron Column - comprised of anarchists and ex-prisoners - was one of the most famous militia units of the Spanish Civil War, holding out for the revolutionary gains of 1936 longer than almost anyone. This is the story of a group of revolutionaries willing to take the fight to fascism: and unwilling to tolerate dictatorship behind them, either. Paz (himself a veteran of the anarchist Durruti Column) recounts the Iron Column’s story, illuminating the rise and fall of the Spanish Revolution which raged alongside the Spanish Civil War.

We need money to do this of course, but also need help to get it noticed, into newspapers, bookshops and libraries. If you can help us do that, drop us a line.