Sorbonne anarchist leaflet, May 1968


Join the anarchists in their struggle for the abolition of the system of exploitation and of the apparatus of state coercion!

Don’t put your rights into the hands of the politicians who lead all revolutions into the dead-end of parliamantary democracy! Reject the absurd pretentions of the Marxists who direct the libertarian aspirations of the masses into the concrete structures of the Bolshevik ghettoes!

Don’t obey any more directives from the reformist unions which are trying in vain to exploit for their own profit a great spontaneous liberation movement, at a time when CGT members on the order of the indescribable Séguy turned over to police the student militants who came to talk to them on the nightt of May 24-25!

Join the anarchists! Long live the direct action of the workers and students! Long live libertarian socialism.

From: Anarchism in the May Movement in France.