Appendix II (Albert Meltzer's 'political record')

I couldn’t paint golden angels - Appendix 2

On Black Flag collective editorial board from its inception 22 years ago until now. There have been some thirty editors all told, all unpaid, usually a minimum of four at one time. The paper was at various times fortnightly, monthly, and is at present quarterly, though recently it has had some timelag holdups for various reasons.

Currently honorary contributing researcher for the Kate Sharpley Library.

One of the founders of the Anarchist Black Cross (as reconstituted in the 60s) as a political prisoners support group.

A member of the anarcho-syndicalist Solidarity Federation (formerly Direct Action Movement), affiliated to the International Workers Association, and functions secretary of the Red & Black Club, Deptford (a local).

Writings include:
The Floodgates of Anarchy (with Stuart Christie)
The Anarchists in London
Anarchism: Arguments For and Against
The Origins of the Anarchist Movement in China
First Flight: the Origins of Anarcho-Syndicalism in Britain
(ed.) Miguel Garcia’s Story

Articles in Spain and the World, The Struggle, Controversy, War Commentary, Revolt!, Solidarity, Brand (Sweden, pre-war correspondent), Volonta (Italy), Freedom, Direct Action, Man! (USA), Workers in Uniform, Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review, Secular Review, The Iconoclast, Cuddon’s Cosmopolitan Review, Ludd, Ruedo Iberico (Paris), Black Flag, etc.

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