The Syndicalist Vol 1 No 3 (July 1952)

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Resist redundancy
A pool man appeals to the perms (the docks) / A.G.[Albert Grace]
Death of a union (unionism) / Erg.
A new labour movement (Ideas - What is anarcho-syndicalism? 3) /  A.M.[Albert Meltzer]
Industrial action
Talking points : closed shop / Industrial Unionist
The baker and his critics (bakery) / Bert Smith
E.T.U. urges workers’ control
Pilfering in transit (transport - hue and cry) / Bert [Albert Meltzer]
Lancashire’s change of life (textiles) / L.B.
Railwaymen’s Mutual Aid Society (railways) 
Scissor Bill - Guardian of the soul / [Donald Rooum]
30/- and the 5-day week (the mines - learning the hard way) / Johnnie Miner
Cut out the Coal Board / T.O’M
The “Daily Express” climbs down
Letters : are we dogmatic / L. Hanger
Letters : Syndicalist groups now? / K.M
Letters : Outdoor meetings / George Leaf