Library Notes, October 2013

No reviews yet of One Hundred Years of Workers’ Solidarity : the History of “Solidaridad Obrera”also available on our website – but it has been pointed out to us that Soli is the paper of the CNT in Catalonia, not the ‘voice of the CNT’. CNT is the paper of the CNT across Spain.

We’re glad to see that AK Press have just published Anarchism and Workers’ Self-Management in Revolutionary Spain by Frank Mintz. We hope to review it soon.

Please keep an eye on our website as there is material posted there regularly that we don’t have room to print in the bulletin. In particular, anyone interested in women in the anarcho-syndicalist movement should read ‘The Cazalla de la Sierra CNT’s Female Domestic Staff Union’ by José Antonio Jiménez Cubero at

Another major piece is a newly translated account of the Petrograd Anarchist Federation, written in 1924. “Thus the Communist authorities have managed, by way of unjustified terror against old anarchist fighters, to destroy the Federation as a legal organisation, they managed to throw the best, most energetic anarchist comrades overboard from social life, but these madmen should not think that they have strangled anarchism. The seed, thrown by the skilled and experienced hands of old anarchists, has found favourable ground for itself in the representatives of the growing generation, and some of them went into exile and concentration camps as bravely, as fearlessly and as free from worry as their spiritual fathers did. The others, giving thanks to the old fighters for their old deeds, are forging their new swords for new battles and new struggles in the times of Communist reaction.”