The Syndicalist Vol 1 no 12 (April 1953)

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Churchill and the circus (what have the workers got to celebrate?)
Signalmen to strike (railways)
Miners seek inquiry into nationalisation (mines)
The revolutionary situation (aspects of anarcho-syndicalism) 
More holidays (talking points)
The lessons of history (history) / Internationalist [Albert Meltzer]
Letters : anarcho-syndicalism and the I.W.W.(academic differences) / Anarcho-syndicalist
We’ve had it! (the syndicalist)
Letters : support for exploitation / A. Lazenby
Letters : Why “yield”? (bakery) / B.S.[Bert Smith]
Scissor Bill - sold again / [Donald Rooum]
Must we always be the clowns? (the struggle in Scotland)
The municipal elections / T.O’M
The time has come NOW (building) / P.G.