Clément Duval

We have had another response to the Clément Duval article we published in KSL #13. Had I known the debate that would follow, I would have done some more homework on it. As it is, we're grateful to our correspondents for telling us about the various editions of Duval's memoirs. If anyone comes across copies, can they send them our way please!

Luc Nemeth writes from Paris:

"As a researcher working on Italian printed anarchist material it was quite a surprise for me to read on page 8 [of number KSL #14, a letter from Marianne Enckell] stating to have published 'most of Duval's original text' of his memoirs. Clément Duval's Memorie autobiografiche (Newark, Biblioteca dell'Adunta dei Refrattari, 1929) is a beautiful book, of more than one thousand pages. On the other hand Clément Duval, bagnard et anarchiste (Paris, Editions ouvrières, 1991) is an awfully mutilated text, not exceeding 250 pages - as far as I remember."