"Openly Classist" Publications

"Openly Classist" is a working class publishing group. Our aim is to get into print valuable working class writing. We have just published The Enemy Is Middle Class by Andy and Mark Anderson.

We are working on Spectacular Times, the writings of Larry Law. This will include an interview with Larry's wife. It will be funded by AK Press, and is a joint venture with them.

Educating Who About What part 2 is under construction and discussion at the moment. It will be planted at around October/ November, and we promise it will not disappoint.

The Conspiracy Of Good Taste is the fourth of our projects. This will be a reprint of the book by Stephan Szczelkun (Working Press). We can only put this out after Spectacular Times (unless someone can send us two thousand pounds or so - Any takers?

We offer books free to prisoners. We wish to communicate with other working class projects. We hope to have a website before too long (a class verification system will make it a no-go for anyone other than working class.)

Contact us at:

"Openly Classist" PO Box 10, Manchester, M19 2XL, Northern England