From the Moscow Federation of Anarchist Groups [Protest from those arrested on April 12 1918]

[An anonymous article from 1918, with biographical notes by Anatoly Dubovik]

Worker-anarchists arrested on April 12 [1918] and imprisoned are now in the third day of their hunger strike.

The Moscow Federation of Anarchist Groups demands that the Soviet government either release these people or immediately file charges against them.

The prisoners have given the All-Russian Extraordinary Investigatory Commission the following declaration relative to the cases of the anarchists:

We, anarchists, arrested during the disarming of the anarchists on April 12 1918 and incarcerated at the present time in Butyrki Prison, demand the immediate release of all the signatories below, who have nothing in common with perpetrators of criminal acts. Otherwise we will continue our hunger strike.”

[Signed] Prisoners of cells 13, 14, 15, and 17:

Sedov, Kondratiev, V. Morozov, I. Il’in, I. Kirilka, E. Drozdovsky, Sofronov, Mishnich, Makarov, F. Gusatov, V. Kuznetsov, A. Shritov, Iv. Kanya, N. Nikin, Yurashov, V. Bliakhin, N. Burinenko, O. Pabianetsky, Poltarenkova, D. Shakhalin, Yevsikov, Artemov, V. Galkin, Kashinsky, I. Mukhortov.

Anarkhiia (Moscow), 1918, No. 53, May 4, p. 1.


Sedov: An anarchist from tsarist times, he worked as a baker. An active member of MFAG, he was influential among Moscow bakery workers.
Kondratiev : A worker, in early 1918 he was secretary of the anarchist group “Burya” (Storm). He probably lived at the headquarters of Burya, located at No 12, Maliy Vlasyevskiy Lane. He took part in requisitions and expropriations.
V. Morozov
N. Ilin
I. Kurilka
E. Drozdovsky
F. Gusatov
V. Kuznetsov: Worked as a teacher at the Shelaputin Vocational School.. Anarchist. In March 1918, he participated in the organization of the Union of Labor Communes (STK) under the Moscow Federation of Anarchist Groups (MFAG), Kuznetsov’s place of work was designated for receiving information and records relating to the STK.
A. Shritov
Ivan Kanya
N. Nikin
V. Bliakhin
N. Burinenko
O. Pabianetsky
D. Shakhalin
V. Galkin
I. Mukhortov

[Research on names by A. V. Dubovik]

Translated by: Malcolm Archibald.