The Syndicalist Vol 1 No 9 (January 1953)

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Miners must fight back! (a living wage for a five-day week - first) / Johnnie Miner
Restrictive practices (housing) / Industrial Unionist
Snoopers in the city? (road transport) / Bert [Albert Meltzer]
Syndicalism at home (history) 
Past, present and — future? (printing) / R.E.M.
The railwaymen of Mexico / B. Traven
What do they mean by it? (politics - the ignorant workers) / T.O’M
Aspects of anarcho-syndicalism (1, the syndicate; 2, the commune)
Leadership / R. Lynn
Scissor Bill - dressing down / [Donald Rooum]
Letters : Loyal to the end (capture the unions?) / J. Macpherson, N. Ashton
No jam on it (bakery) / B.S.[Bert Smith]