Aron Baron in Pittsburgh (1916)

Pittsburgh, PA

By chance Comrade Baron, editor of the anarchist organ Alarm, arrived in our city and spent about three weeks here. During this time Comrade Baron delivered a series of lectures on the labour question, and also spoke at mass meetings and was a great help in starting S.R.R. [Soyuz Russkikh Rabochikh (Union of Russian Workers)] No.2, which has already signed up 38 members. It’s very desirable to have such revolutionary workers dropping by on a regular basis to our neck of the woods. Comrade Baron speaks Russian fluently. Therefore, I suggest to all Russian labour organizations that they invite him to give lectures. Comrade Baron lives in Chicago.

E. N.

From: Golos truda, dated June 9, 1916, No. 89 (in Russian). Translated by: Malcolm Archibald.